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IntelliCalm User Assistant

Video tutorial

Detailed Usage

1. Turn on bluetooth on your iPad or iPhone

2. Start IntelliCalm

3. Turn on your MindWave Mobile 2 Headset, make sure the battery is charged

4. Click on the link button to search and connect your Mindwave Mobile 2 headset

4a. Make sure to select 50/60Hz depending on the frequency of the electrical power in your country.

5. Wait for the headset symbol turns green for a good connection. If it stays yellow, try pressing the electrode on your forehead with one hand and pinch the ear-electrode tight with your other hand.

6. Check out the blue, red and brown bars. The blue grows as you calm down. The red grows as you focus or concentrate. The brown indicates eye-blink.

7. If you want, click on the gear symbol to change the sound profile:

  • Harmonious: if turned on it will not play disharmony pitches i.e. the sounds will be more harmonious
  • Accuracy: this defines how precise the frequency of your brainwaves will be soundified. Lower Values increase precision.
  • Duration: this defines how long the midi sound will play that is triggered by your brainwaves. Play with it to get most out of the different midi instruments.
  • Sensitivity: this defines how sensitive the reading of your brainwaves is. Higher values will play the selected sounds louder, i.e. lower brainwave levels can be picked up.
  • Brain Wave Band: the different frequency bands of normal human brainwaves. Lower frequencies generally mean calmer states of mind. Theta is hard to produce unless you sleep. The Alpha Bands can indicate meditative & calm brain states. Beta Bands indicate focussed, concentrated states of mind.
  • Voice: the available midi voices to select for each brain wave band.
  • Base Pitch: the pitch assigned to the lower end of the respective brain wave frequency band. E.g. if you select C1 for low alpha, IntelliCalm will play C1 when it detects a wave of roughly 8Hz. The detection algorithm searches you brainwaves for the frequencies of the midi pitches that lay within each brain wave band. In this example it will search for all frequencies of the midi pitches that lay within 8-9Hz (7.71,8.17,8.66,9.17,9.72,10.30). It then transposes based on the Base Pitch you select. If you align the base pitches of all voices with the number of midi pitches (frequencies) that lay within the respective brain wave band then you can create a seamless range of notes played. If you select "natural" then no transposing will be done.
  • Volume: select arrow up if you want the volume of the voices to grow as the respective brainwave gets stronger. Select arrow down if you want the volume to go down with growing brainwaves. NOTE: To achieve wonderful biofeedback during meditation, use arrow down for the Alpha Waves in order to calm the music with meditation.

8. Close the soundifyer settings dialog

9. Enjoy the audible bio-feedback as IntelliCalm plays your brainwaves:

Relax and close your eyes or try to focus on an object in front of you. Observe how this will affect the sounds played. Experiment with the settings of the soundifyier to achieve your favourite sound pattern and bio-feedback.

Have fun with IntelliCalm. Don't hesitate to provide feedback using App Store review or via our IntelliCalm User Forum. If you have a different headset, don't hesitate to contact us for details - On popular demand we will support other headsets as well.

Play music with your brainwaves ! Configure several MIDI sounds to play them with your brainwaves. Improve your meditation with audible feedback - play an instrument and have IntelliCalm lower the volume of the sound as your brainwaves slow down in meditation. Train you mindfulness with biofeedback in form of beautiful sounds.

- Show visuals of your brainwaves as they indicate either meditative states, attention or eye blinks

- Attach musical voices/instruments and pitch levels to each frequency band of your brainwaves (Theta, Low Alpha, High Alpha, Low Beta, High Beta etc.)

- Increase / Decrease the volume of each instrument to achieve different patterns of biofeedback

- Automatically save and load the sound profile

- Record and export raw data of your brainwaves

Requires MindWave Mobile 2 EEG headset of NeuroSky.